Behavioral & Mental Health

Behavioral & Mental Health

Holy Family Hospital’s team of behavioral health specialists provides compassionate and nurturing care at our Haverhill and Methuen campuses.

Behavioral & Mental Health

Behavioral & Mental Health Services at Holy Family

In Haverhill, care for the following adult conditions is provided through three distinct settings and each with private rooms.

  • Anxiety and depression – Center for Recovery and Wellness
  • People 55+ experiencing major life changes – Senior Adult Behavioral Medicine Center
  • Offer services after drug and alcohol detoxification – The Comprehensive Outpatient Addiction Program, which includes the intensive outpatient day and evening programs (IOP),  and the structured outpatient addiction program (SOAP).

In Methuen, we provide short-term inpatient stabilization treatment for individuals 18 and over who are affected by mental health and/or chemical dependency conditions.

Across both campuses, our multidisciplinary, bi-lingual team is committed to nurturing a patient's health and well-being through patient-centered collaboration. We offer:
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Goal-oriented treatment plans
  • Medication for symptom management
  • Strategies to improve functional ability
  • Holistic groups for stress management
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Rehabilitative exercises
  • Individualized plans for long-term health
  • Assistance with community reintegration

With direct access to each hospital campus, patients also benefit from our ability to address any medical problems during their stay.


Center for Behavioral Medicine at Methuen
70 East St., Methuen, MA 01844
978-687-0156, ext. 2600

Senior Adult Behavioral Medicine at Haverhill
140 Lincoln Ave., Haverhill, MA 01830