Visitor Policy


Effective Monday, April 11, visitation, with some restrictions, is allowed at Holy Family Hospital’s Methuen and Haverhill campuses as follows:

  • Inpatients: 2 visitors will be allowed per inpatient at any one time
  • Ambulatory patients: 1 visitor or assistant per patient to accompany the patient to an ambulatory procedure or test. (If a patient arrives with someone to assist them, that person is considered “the visitor”. Additional visitors are not allowed.)
  • Emergency department: 1 visitor per patient at a time 
  • Birthing Center:
    • VISITING HOURS ARE: 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm Monday -Friday

    • 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm Saturday and Sunday

    • For the duration of labor and until the mother delivers, only the birth partner, (and a Doula if one is being used), is allowed in the room with the mother. 

    • When the mother and baby have been moved to post-partum care, the birth partner can accompany them. DURING VISITING HOURS, 2 visitors MAXIMUM, at a time, are allowed to visit.

    • Under NO circumstances are children under the age of 18 allowed to visit the Birthing Center.

    • When the mother and baby have been moved to post-partum care, the partner can accompany her, and 1 visitor is allowed. The birth partner is not considered a visitor.

    • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit the Birthing Center. 

  • Pediatric surgical patients: 2 adults are allowed to accompany a minor for a scheduled procedure 


Visitation Guidelines for Holy Family Hospital Behavioral Health Units 

  • Visiting hours are 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily
    • Visits are scheduled in 30-minute intervals to allow for as many patients as possible to have visitation.
  • One visitor per patient at a time on the unit; maximum of three concurrent patient visits at a time on the unit
  • Visits must be scheduled in advance with a staff member in the Visitation Log
    • When scheduling a visit, first and last name as well as a phone number must be documented in the log in case notification is required


Location for Visitation can occur:

  • All general adult behavioral health units: Dining Room
    • Must be wiped down after each use
  • ABU ONLY: In patient’s room
    • Door may be opened or closed depending upon patient acuity
    • Safety checks will continue to be completed


Process for Visitation:

  • Visitors are screened at the hospital front door 
  • Visitor must sign the Sign In book at the unit attesting that they have not had any Covid symptoms or tested positive for Covid within 5 days 
  • Visitor must:
    • Wear facemask at all times during the visit
      • Mask must cover the nose and mouth
    • Secure all belongings including cell phone
    • Maintain social distancing during visit
      • Any visitor who does not wear proper PPE or does not follow required protocol will be asked to leave immediately


Please note: If Covid positive patients are on the unit, every effort will be made to continue visits to Covid negative patients based on the assessed risk. In this case, visitation may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Other exceptions for visitors that will be made at the discretion of the Nursing Supervisor:

  • Those accompanying patients with ADA need 
  • Special circumstances including compassionate care and end-of-life 
  • Oncology patients who need support 

Important Notes: 

  1. All visitors will be screened at the entrance. If is it determined you may have been exposed to COVID, you will not be allowed to enter, for the safety of all. 
  2. All visitors must wear masks at all times while in the hospital. 
  3. Social distancing requirements are still in effect for visitors and employees.

The cafeteria will now be open to visitors. We ask that you practice social distancing for the safety and well-being of all.