November 13, 2017

Steward Physicians and Holy Family Hospital Join Innovative MassHealth Program

Through the new Steward Health Choice health plan designed and tailored to better serve MassHealth patients, Merrimack Valley area physicians within the rapidly expanding Steward Health Care Network, along with Holy Family Hospital, will be at the forefront of a major statewide restructuring of the MassHealth program aimed at further improving care coordination and outcomes for MassHealth patients.

Hundreds of physicians in the Merrimack Valley Region will participate in Steward Health Choice.

Effective March 1, 2018, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) like those originally pioneered within the Steward Health Care Network for Medicare and commercial patients will now be available to help improve the experience and outcomes of MassHealth members. This ACO model is being adopted by Steward and several providers across the state.

“We are excited to welcome MassHealth patients into our new ACO plan, Steward Health Choice,” said Dr. Mark Girard, President of Steward Health Care Network. “It’s wonderful that MassHealth patients in Merrimack Valley communities and at Holy Family Hospital will have access to this superior form of health coverage that for too long was limited only to Medicare and commercial patients. We applaud the state for these reforms.”

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Steward Health Care Network (SHCN) provides world class care to more than two million patients annually. SHCN's approximately 4,800 providers include both primary care physicians and a full range of specialists who are committed to meeting the needs of our patients. Established in 2008 as the physician network for the hospitals of Steward Health Care System, SHCN extends across ten states and takes pride in its community-based care model, which drives value-added tools and services to our communities, patients, physicians and hospitals across the continuum of care. In addition, SHCN promotes care coordination and collaboration within the network in order to provide high quality, efficient care to patients. With Steward in the community, all residents can be sure that there is a world class doctor close to where you live.

The network is also responsible for the implementation and execution of Steward’s managed care contracts, medical management services, quality improvement programs, data analysis and information services.