November 28, 2016

Holy Family Hospital Announces New Center for Advanced Thoracic and Pulmonary Care

Holy Family Hospital announces The Center for Advanced Thoracic and Pulmonary Care. Located on Holy Family Hospital’s Methuen campus, the center offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for patients with chest and lung conditions, and includes a pulmonary diagnostic unit with computerized testing.
The surgical director of the center is world-renowned Thoracic and Airway Surgeon John C. Wain, MD.  Dr. Wain was the surgical founder of lung transplantation at Massachusetts General Hospital where he was the first surgeon in New England to perform living related lung transplantation. He is well versed in video assisted thoracic surgery having begun the program at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also a world renowned airway surgeon having practiced alongside Dr. Hermes Grillo, regarded as the pioneer in this field, and was the first surgeon on the east coast to use aortic homografts for the treatment of tracheal stenosis.
Patients visiting the center can be seen for myriad conditions that include asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, neuromuscular respiratory diseases, respiratory failure, pleural disease, mycobacterial disease, and sleep disorders. 
The center also offers more complex treatment for patients in need of airway, larynx and thoracic care and/or surgery for conditions such as GERD, hiatal hernia; esophageal and airway conditions caused by tumors, stricture or stenosis of the larynx or trachea, or collapsing of the trachea or bronchus; thymoma and mediastinal tumors, mesothelioma, sarcoma, chest wall tumors, and esophageal and lung cancer.
“The Center for Advanced Thoracic and Pulmonary Care offers a much needed service in the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire region. We provide a full spectrum of care, from initial exams to advanced surgical procedures, close to home, so patients don’t have to travel to Boston,” says Dr. Wain. 
Also on staff are Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialists Essam Ansari, MD, and Samy S. Sidhom, MD, MPH, who serves as medical director.
"Pulmonary medicine is my passion and I could not pass up the opportunity to collaborate with highly skilled colleagues to help expand this service in the Merrimack Valley. A multidisciplinary approach to the management of thoracic and respiratory conditions, using state-of-the-art technology, is a tremendous resource for our local community – a service that used to be available only in large downtown hospitals," says Dr. Sidhom, an assistant clinical professor at Tufts University School of Medicine and expert in thoracic oncology and interventional pulmonology. 
The team includes pulmonary specialists, a thoracic surgeon, anesthesiologists, radiologists, rehabilitation specialists, a patient navigator and intensive care staff to provide superior patient care. The team follows the care of each patient, from the initial visit through all phases of medical and surgical care, including hospitalization, surgery, and if needed, rehabilitation. Consultations with appropriate specialists are arranged as needed to provide the best individualized assessment and treatment options.
“Holy Family Hospital is dedicated to expanding specialty medical and surgical services and The Center for Advanced Thoracic and Pulmonary Care is a strong example. We are thrilled to have Dr. John Wain, a world-renowned thoracic surgeon, join our medical staff to help achieve this goal in the area of thoracic surgery. Under his leadership, and the leadership of Dr. Sidhom, I am confident The Center for Advanced Thoracic and Pulmonary Care will be very successful,” says Dr. Ansari, Chief of Medicine at Holy Family Hospital.
The Center for Advanced Thoracic and Pulmonary Care is in Suite G39 on the ground floor of the Holy Family Hospital Methuen campus, located at 70 East Street. For more information, please call 978-687-0156, ext. 2020.